Please do not hack this website!

Dear Hackers,

I do not know who you are and you do not know me.

Why do you choose to single out people that have never hurt you in any way, treat them as enemies, and hack their websites?

Hacking a simple website causes the owner undue stress, discourages her/him and it cost her/him money to correct the website.

It puts more dollars into the big conglomerates and fortune 500 companies making them richer and more powerful.

Hacking limits and discourages competition also to the advantage of big business.

Every time you hack some poor blogger, ecommerce, or any other type of website you are playing into big brother’s game.

Please consider what you are really doing and why you want to hurt someone that has never hurt you.

Please leave my website alone and tell your friends to not hack it.

I will pray for all of you daily.

Peace be with you always.

Thank you for your consideration.

And a special thanks to all of you for your efforts in trying to stop the invasion and killings in Ukraine! Never give up!

Kindest regards,


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